Knife Thrower’s Assistance Live – Grand Finale Album

Click here for download: Knife Thrower’s Assistance Live


Released 10 November 2014

Mixed & mastered by, John Alexander Busi at: TheSPACErecordingSTUDIO

Live recordings from: Pianos NYC &
The Cutting Room NYC 2013

For a physical CD of Knife Thrower’s Assistance Live:

“Reverb Worship is delighted to announce the debut album by Knife Thrower’s Assistance.” (RW 276) 50 hand numbered copies… Click Here!


Knife Thrower’s Assistance @ The Cutting Room – Crow Cry

“Crow Cry” Written by, Heidi Harris – vocals/piano

Video edited by: Deb Zep / Filmed by, Movette Pictures @The Cutting Room Feb. 7th, 2014

Eve Blackwater – supporting vocals, singing bowl, thunder maker, chimes
Deb Zep – bass clarinet, supporting vocals
Tea Leigh – supporting vocals
Matthew Vander Ende – drums
Kevin Anderson – bass
Elizabeth Glushko – cello
Decrepit Jaw – mixtape
Cara White – saw
Annie Levey – flute