Knife Thrower’s Assistance Live – Grand Finale Album

Click here for download: Knife Thrower’s Assistance Live


Released 10 November 2014

Mixed & mastered by, John Alexander Busi at: TheSPACErecordingSTUDIO

Live recordings from: Pianos NYC &
The Cutting Room NYC 2013

For a physical CD of Knife Thrower’s Assistance Live:

“Reverb Worship is delighted to announce the debut album by Knife Thrower’s Assistance.” (RW 276) 50 hand numbered copies… Click Here!

Knife Thrower’s Assistance @ The Cutting Room – Crow Cry

“Crow Cry” Written by, Heidi Harris – vocals/piano

Video edited by: Deb Zep / Filmed by, Movette Pictures @The Cutting Room Feb. 7th, 2014

Eve Blackwater – supporting vocals, singing bowl, thunder maker, chimes
Deb Zep – bass clarinet, supporting vocals
Tea Leigh – supporting vocals
Matthew Vander Ende – drums
Kevin Anderson – bass
Elizabeth Glushko – cello
Decrepit Jaw – mixtape
Cara White – saw
Annie Levey – flute

OK! This time we mean business!!… OUR GRAND FINALE will be 2/7/14 at The Cutting Room NYC

OK! This time we mean business!!... OUR GRAND FINALE will be 2/7/14 at The Cutting Room NYC

We had a tiny hiccup in our plans… The Rolling Stones decided to ask for the night we had our grand finale scheduled. All is not lost!… Now we have more time  to make the night special !

Please keep an eye out for the official link from the Cutting Room for our Grand Finale Show NEW DATE: 2/7/14!! Tickets will be on sale again very soon! And catch us at PIANOS NYC 1/11/14 for our live album recording, links to that event coming…. click on the photo for The Cutting Room website.

Mr. Detective – Knife Thrower’s Assistance @ Chez Porter 8/11/13

Written by, Eve Blackwater

Eve Blackwater: vocals,guitar, jewelry
Heidi Harris- vocals, glockenspiel, thunder maker, theremin, frog, jewelry
Matthew Vander Ende- drums
Kevin Anderson- Bass
Deb Douglas- vocals and bass clarinet
Elizabeth Glushko- cello
Bridget Rooney- vocals
Cara White- Saw
Christen Napier- rain stick, beads, jaw harp

Knife Thrower’s Assistance is starting up a Vimeo page! More songs from Chez Porter coming soon…